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What Do Women Want In Bed?

Learn How to Give Women What they REALLY want

You know, there really is no great mystery or puzzle to solve when it comes to answering the question, what do women really want in bed. Some websites claim it’s all about the size of your penis, while others say it’s the thickness that counts.

Some proclaim they have just the pill or other herbal products you can take to increase performance, while others assure that their cream will make you just the kind of man she wants. But really there is only one ingredient that a real woman wants in her man and that is confidence.

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Talking confidence

There is nothing quite like being in the arms of a man who knows what to do, how to do it, and what exactly will turn her on. It really doesn’t matter how tall you are, how good looking you are, or even how much money you have in the bank, but if you don’t know how to make a woman feel like you know exactly what you are doing, then you are lost even before you make eye contact.

Now when talking confidence, we are not talking arrogance, or dominance, or just macho-ness – we are just talking men who are confident in their abilities and that can be subtle but women know it’s there.


It’s all in the attitude, and it simply means, don’t worry, I can do this. In bed, a woman wants to know that her man knows exactly what he is doing and even though she may take a turn being the boss from time to time, it’s really up to the man to call the shots and shine where he can shine the best.

So really no matter what the size or shape of your penis, if you have confidence, and know great techniques and are not afraid to just take charge, your woman will feel safe and secure and trust you to know exactly what to do to give her the most pleasure possible.

And we all know that pleasuring our women is more than half the fun, because if she is really pleasured then she will be way more willing to do what we want her to do to pleasure us. Now that sounds like a win-win doesn’t it?

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Increase self esteem

The bottom line is this – do whatever you can to increase your confidence inside and outside the bedroom. Take a few risks, challenge yourself and all that will happen will be an increase in your own self esteem and with that you can take on the world.

But start by making your woman happier and the rest is a piece of cake.
For more information, go to The Approach to “Progressive Overload”.

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    Discover How To Top Up Your Sperm Bank

    How (and How Not) to Top Up Your Sperm Bank

    Sperm manThat bacon burger quaffed down at lunch ain’t doing your sperm bank any favors. Two months ago, at the annual meeting of the International Federation of Fertility Societies and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, researchers presented a series of findings on the state of things spermy.

    Among them? Processed meats are bad for sperm. And if you really want to be a father, put the TV remote down and do some yard work.

    Just like your bank account, your sperm bank is a series of deposits and withdrawals. You’re looking for quality and quantity with your swimmers. They should be social too, with a knack for movement so they’re more likely to get intimate with the target of their affection: the elusive egg.

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    Quantity, Quality and Motility

    Your scrotum is home to an ecosystem of happy little swimmers just begging to go forth and spread your DNA. Well, they’re supposed to be anyway – the Mayo Clinic says that guys with at least 15 million sperm per milliliter are more likely to be fertile, and with the following traits:

    Semen quality – Sperm are stream-lined too, with an oval head and a long tail to propel them forward. Normal sperm do, anyway, and the more you have, the better odds of conception,


    – Like William Wallace of Braveheart fame, swimmers like FREEEEEDOOOOOOMMMMM!!! (sorry). Valid point though – you’re more likely to conceive if 40% of your sperm can wriggle, swim and manouvre through a women’s reproductive system, otherwise known as motility.

    Break it down and your sperm are really just little versions of you. They’re your seed, reflecting your health and lifestyle choices and the liklihood they’ll help you go forth and multiply. And this brings us to the topic of this article: how to top up your sperm bank or make hefty withdrawals.

    Exercise: DEPOSIT

    According to a recent study conducted by researchers at Harvard University, exercise may boost a man’s sperm count and increase chance of conception. Guys who exercised at least an hour each day had 48% higher concentrations of sperm compared to guys who did less than an hour per week.

    Guys who worked outdoors did especially well, although men who pushed weights were no slouches either, with 25% more sperm than guys who didn’t lift metal.

    Consisting of 137 men who provided semen samples and answered questionnaires about their regular levels of physical activity, the study results were among other research presented in Boston last month regarding male fertility. The findings are prelimary too, and the mechanism by which exercise boosts sperm count remains unknown, though study co-author Audrey Gaskins points out that weightlifting is linked to higher levels of testosterone and better insulin sensitivity.
    And outdoor activity may increase male fertility thanks to higher levels of vitamin D, though again, this is speculation.

    The one exception to the link between exercise and higher sperm count was cycling. Men who rode more than 90 minutes a week had 34% less sperm than guys who didn’t ride. That could be owing to pressure placed against the scrotum by the bicycle seat, or a combination of that with increased temperature of the testicles which, as we’ll see, is no friend of plentiful sperm.

    Watching TV: WITHDRAWAL

    If active guys were more fertile, it’s no surprise that couch potatoes were the opposite. According to a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicineguys who watched 20 hours of boob tube have roughly half the sperm count of guys who spent very little time in front of the TV.
    The study also reinforces the results from the Harvard research mentioned above. Despite that it took place eight months earlier, the British study found that guys who exercised 15 hours a week had a whopping 73% more sperm than men who moved about less than five hours a week.
    The couch potato lifestyle hit where it counts, with heavy TV watchers experiencing 44% lower sperm count that guys who watched the least. And don’t think that switching formats, from TV to DVD or videos will pack less of a punch on your testes – the researchers note the combination of inactivity and sitting on a couch for long periods may raise scrotum temperature and otherwise make life miserable for your swimmers.
    Like the Harvard study, the results here are prelimary and do not prove a causal effect between TV exposure and lower sperm count. The researchers point out the latter does not necessarily hamper a man’s fertility or his chance to become a father.
    Just the same, the study adds further weight to the Harvard study, that active men tend to have more sperm and of higher quality – and that spending life in front of a screen doesn’t help your sperm bank.

    Eating Fish: DEPOSIT

    Aspiring Dads should swap that side of bacon for a salmon filet. More evidence presented at the October conference suggests that fish might boost sperm count.
    Both white meat fish and the darker variety were linked to improved semen. Guys who ate white fish like cod and halibut had better sperm shape than guys who ate the least. And an even more notable finding: men who ate dark meat fish, like salmon, blue fish and tuna, had roughly 34% higher total sperm counts than guys who did not partake in dark fish – one of the healthiest foods on the planet.
    Conversely, the researchers also found that eating one to three daily servings of processed meat, like bacon, had worse sperm shape (morphology).
    Caffeine and alcohol, both subjected to previous research and with mixed results for their effects on sperm quality and quantity, had minimal effect on fertility.
    The findings highlight the many documented health benefits of eating fish. Oily, coldwater fish like halibut, sardines and – if you’ve read some of my other articles – you’ll know I’m a huge proponent of salmon, preferably wild, because it’s good for the heart and the brain.
    And you’ve yet to experience one of the greatest pleasures of life until you’ve tasted wild, fresh chinook salmon, which is also called spring salmon, available at many grocery stores in the Pacific Northwest or, depending on where you live, a Whole Foods.
    Ask around. Wild salmon might not be the cheapest fish on the market but it’s one of the healthiest, and as the study results suggest, an excellent way to make a personal sperm bank deposit.

    Just for men sexual health cures

    Avoid These Further Sperm Bank Withdrawals

    If you’re like most men, you are a sperm factory, producing millions of sperm each day. They’ve got a job to do, and you can help them by avoiding these additional factors that could make additional and unwanted withdrawals from your sperm supply.
    Heat – Sperm don’t like heat. Your body is designed to keep your testes cooler than the rest of you. So help a baby-maker out and avoid hot tubs, laptops on your knees or anything else that might raise their temperature.
    Fever – Not that you can stay healthy on command, but it’s worth popping your vitamins – a 2003 study found that fever (temporarily) decreased sperm production by 35%.
    Boxers or Briefs – An ongoing debate, with recent evidence to suggest it’s not as important as some people make it out to be. Boxers might help if your sperm count is on the low side. Cyclists should note, however that tight bicycle shorts are not ideal for sperm count or quality. And, let’s be honest, spandex on a man just doesn’t go well.
    Obesity – Don’t be the Michelin man in a Speedo, either. In fact, don’t resemble the former at all, because a 2009 study conducted by the World Health Organization found that obese men had lower testicular function and sperm count to match.
    chantix quit smoking

    Booze, Smoking and Drugs – Keep your hard partying days to yester-year. A 2010 study found that high levels of alcohol reduced sperm count, while cigarettes reduced motility, and weed is linked to both. Granted, the findings of the Boston convention found no adverse effect of alcohol on sperm. But others have, and that’s worth thinking about.

    Try Semenax

    A disclaimer before finishing this article. I’m not your doctor and don’t pretend to be. Only your physician knows enough about your medical history to make specific recommendations regarding male fertility. Get your home sperm count testing for men.
    Speak with your doctor if you’re trying to get pregnant.
    With this being said, the suggestions made here are based on evidence that they work for most guys barring illness or specific health concerns. And a fun way to top up your semen production is with a natural volume enhancer like Semenax.
    Like the description implies, a natural volume enhancer is designed to increase semen production. The process is completely natural, and achieved with herbals and amino acids that build up in your system. You’re in good shape when they do, too, because more semen means a longer and more intense orgasm.
    Try Semenax if you’re looking to make sex more enjoyable. While the product does not guarantee it will increase sperm count or quality, it is clinically proven to boost volume. The sex will be awesome, at the very least, and with a little luck and discipline, good things may happen.

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    Men should consider sperm testing themselves if they have taken body building drugs, smoke excessively, drink alcohol excessively, take extreme exercise, have hazardous and 
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    Lack Of Sex In Marriage Reasons

    Women aren’t the only ones refusing sex

    Research by Denise Donnelly of Georgia State University, reported in The Journal of Sex Research, found that 16% of couples fail to have sex at least once a month, a pattern that predicted marital unhappiness and divorce.

    Women aren’t the only ones refusing sex, either. In her research of married people in sexually inactive marriages, Dr. Donnelly found that in 60% of the cases, it was the man who had stopped the sex.

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    The reasons for low or lack of sex in marriage vary, from extramarital affairs to poor conflict management, Child-care, fatigue and job stress. Whatever the cause, here are some suggestions from couples I interviewed who have putforth a successful effort to improve their love lives:

    Keep Talking

    All the couples put the issue on their agenda and worked out ways to overcome obstacles. They displayed one of the most powerful characteristics of successful people: persistence. Couples who talk about sexual problems are far more likely to survive than those who don’t. This was confirmed in Dr. Donnelly’s study. Couples who talked about their sex life were more likely to be having some. Sexually inactive couples had just given up and stopped talking.

    Just do it

    With a nod to Nike for this borrowed slogan, the couples I spoke with were realistic about differences in desire and the realities of their busy lives. Consequently, the lower sexual desire spouses consented to having sex even when they didn’t feel like it. That’s not as bad as it sounds. First, all of the spouses agreed that they benefited by the closeness, and most of them enjoyed the sexual experience more than they anticipated.

    Make time

    We all know that if something really matters to us, if it is really important, we find the time. If you were having an affair, you’d find the time. Have an affair with your spouse-and like an affair, set up a time to meet. In our busy lives we can’t rely on spontaneity. Synchronize your schedules and make dates with each other. Many couples set a romantic date the same time each week, alternating who took responsibility for the ambiance.

    Think Sex

    Many of the couples realized that their lives were filled with tasks and heavy responsibilities, none of it very sexy. They made an effort to read sexy books, view sexy movies and permit themselves sexy fantasies, all in an effort to make a little shift of attitude and perhaps learn one or two new moves.

    Despite the difficulties and obstacles of a life spilling over with an interminable “To Do” list, it is quite possible to vitalize a relationship, to make love last. I have talked with many couples that are doing it, I have done it myself, and I have assisted countless couples to do it as well. It is eminently attainable.

    However, even with authoritative direction, time and effort are required to achieve a desired result. Patience, the courage to change, and the desire to grow are key ingredients. If this sounds like a tall order, consider that it requires more work­, energy, strength, and time to support a bad alliance as it does to support a good one.   In other words, the cost/benefit analysis suggests that it is foolish to ignore family life: health, well-being and productivity are at stake.
    From: Dr. Block’s Newsletter

    If a prescription drug is not for you, try natural sexual performance herbal alternatives!

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    Tested Techniques For Male Sexual Virility

    Recommended Sexual Virility Techniques 

    Nowadays, the popular maxim “Health is wealth” has taken on a truly genuine meaning as more and more people suffer from various forms of diseases that ages ago were practically unheard of.

    This has led a lot of people to become more cautious of what they eat or drink, as many of these can very well affect their overall health.

    There can be no doubt that sex plays a significant role in making a relationship work. What many people are not aware of is that sex also has a direct connection to the overall health of a person and vice versa. Research shows that when one is overweight, for example, sex drive can be severely affected, and for overweight people currently in a relationship, this can have serious impact.

    Tested Change In Lifestyle Techniques

    Nevertheless, one need not really worry, as there are some tried and tested techniques that one can make use of to keep fit, at least from a sexual standpoint. Since sex is such a vital aspect of any relationship, being sexually healthy then is a definite necessity, not only to keep one’s partner happy and satisfied, but to keep one’s self contented as well. How to achieve this is not really that hard and will merely involve a change in lifestyle. Not the drastic kind of change, just basic and simple modifications that may sound too simplistic to some people, but can actually prove to be helpful in making sure that one’s sex life is active but safe.

    Sex drive natural Recommendation

    An obvious starting point is the physical body. As mentioned before, being overweight has been found to adversely affect the human sex drive. The natural recommendation is to lose weight, with ten pounds as the ideal weight to shed. Losing weight will not only make one looking and feeling good, it can also lead to a stimulation of the sex hormones.

    Making A Dietary Plan

    Aspiring for a leaner and healthier body, however, should not mean being deprived of the pleasures of eating. Making a dietary plan may mean cutting down on fatty foods, but it does not mean no eating at all cost. It simply means doing away with cholesterol-rich meals and opting for foods rich in nutrition. Specifically, eating heart-friendly foods like nuts, fruits, vegetables, and grains should be regularly practiced because a healthy heart is imperative in having an enjoyable sex life.

    Regular Exercises To Feel Confident, Sexy, and Attractive

    Engaging in regular exercises is likewise a proven technique in improving one’s virility as it helps develop endurance and strengthens the heart. A good option is to take up strength-training exercises as these can help build firmer muscles which are needed in various activities, which includes sex. Additionally, a regular dose of exercise makes us feel confident, sexy, and attractive, not only to ourselves but to our respective partners as well.

    Setting A Romantic Atmosphere

    Keep in mind, though, that aside from regular exercises, getting enough rest, especially at night, is equally important. Not getting the right amount of sleep every night can make one moody and haggard, which is not exactly ideal in setting a romantic atmosphere. A natural sleeping aid, such as Alteril is a safer option, because it contains medically proven, sleeping aids with none of the side effects as sleeping pills

    It is also important to be an optimistic person. No matter how hard life is at times, everything is always subject to change, and keeping a positive outlook in life can only bring about positive changes sooner or later.

    Being optimistic additionally means accepting who we are, not only emotionally but physically as well, which should include accepting our bodies, regardless of their sizes, and believing that we are all uniquely sensual.

    Multivitamins For Sexual Health

    Aside from all of these easy and practical tips, another option that one can take to achieve sexual health is by regularly taking a dose of multivitamins. They may initially appear to be extra costs on the daily budget, but multivitamins actually offer several beneficial effects. They can help improve one’s appetite and relieve stress that can come from various fronts, including the workplace. Stress and a poor appetite need to be properly addressed as these usually have adverse effects on sexual urges.

    Psychological Or Physiological Foundation

    Finally, if one regularly practices all the above-mentioned hints and is considered to be generally healthy, but still ends up experiencing a significant lowering in sexual urges or desires, it is only appropriate that professional help be sought. Sexual difficulties usually have underlying causes, which can have either a psychological or a physiological foundation, and these can best be determined more accurately by a trained professional. He or she may prescribe certain treatments, including the possible use of sex drugs, depending on the results of his or her examination. Click for free medical doctor advice

    Herbal Sex Potency Supplements

    More sperm fluid with semenax
    A number of sex-enhancement pills, however, are known to be readily available at many over-the-counter drug stores even without a prescription, the sex potency capsule that is targeted mainly for the male market. It is said to be a very effective male potency drug that can be purchased even without the advice of a physician. This is mainly because its primary ingredients include herbal plant extracts that essentially makes it a truly safe and effective sex pill. Herbal plants, of course, have long been known to carry healing properties aside from having sex enhancement qualities that help improve man’s sexual capacity, semen sperm fluid, and performance.

    Of course, when purchasing the pill, it is usually recommended that one practice a safe and healthy lifestyle in addition to regularly taking it. As it is, no amount of supplements or any other kind of sex-enhancement treatment can work if one is leading an unhealthy and carefree life. The ideal set-up is to take it as a supplement while carefully observing several healthy practices like eating the right kinds of food, cutting down on smoking and on the intake of alcohol, and getting sufficient sleep.

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    How To Make Sex More Pleasurable

    You CAN be a Better Lover!

    Pleasuring women and working your way to orgasm is one of the best parts of life. Unfortunately there are a lot of concerns that coincide with both of those actions and a lot of things to think about when it comes to making the best of your sex life and the opportunities that you have. This is precisely why so many men take comfort and added security in the fact that they have larger penises, while men with smaller equipment tend to overcompensate for their members in a number of other ways.

    While a lot of men and women say that size doesn’t matter, it simply is not the case for many reasons. The most important one being that a bigger penis offers far more confidence, and as any women will tell you more confidence equals more attraction and a whole lot better sex.  If you find yourself feeling insecure about the size of your penis or wondering what you can do to make sex more pleasurable for your woman, then know that you are not alone.

    Sexual Performance Treatments

    Become A Better Lover

    Thankfully, there are ways that you can ensure that you not only increase the size of your penis but also that you become a better lover on the whole. Male enhancement products and penis pills allow you to increase the size of your erections and thus improve yourself as a lover in many ways.

    The increased size will immediately give you more confidence which can increase your ability to please and the other benefits of the product also means bigger, harder erections that are more equipped to handle their daily chores

    Improve Positions and Sensations

    A larger erection allows you to get into new and improved positions that were never possible before, and gives you the ability to get deeper than you ever with your partner and experience sensations that you never thought possible.

    As if that was not enough, these pills are also known to make men better lovers because it gives them more ability to control their orgasms and delay the final climax until everyone involved is ready
    Simply put, that means bigger, harder erections that last longer than you could imagine.
    As goes with all male enhancement products, results vary from individual to individual, but the sheer number of satisfied customers and better lovers that have been created puts more than enough proof in the pudding.

    Users should expect to see results within 2 to 4 weeks but women have been known to call in and thank the creators of pleasurable sex products far before that timeline.

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    Women Only

    “Does a man’s penis size matter to you for sexual intercourse?”
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    Men: View Results
    Other voting polls to take…

    Women Come Crawling Back

    Whether you think you are already the best lover in the world or find that you struggle to please your partner as much as you wish you could, you can be a better lover.

    Stronger, harder, and longer lasting erections are the single best way to maximize your desire and satisfaction as well as ensure that women come crawling back for more.
    For more information, go to More Pleasurable Sex solution.

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    Why Test For Chlamydia, The Silent STD

    Men and Chlamydia: What You Need to Know

    the most common bacterial STD reported in the United States, is known as the
    “silent” STD. This is because symptoms and signs are usually absent, mild, or
    not noticeable. It may be transmitted through vaginal, anal, or oral sex.

    infected, the disease targets the cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, urethra,
    anus, throat, and eyelids. The symptoms are not only silent, but vary greatly
    from person to person, and even more shockingly, from gender to gender.

    Click For The Largest STD-Singles Dating Support Site!

    While the Center for Disease Control (CDC) currently suggests that both women and men may
    experience abnormal discharge, pelvic pain, or painful urination as symptoms of
    a chlamydia infection, recent studies have found that chlamydia infections in
    men are completely asymptomatic in 50-70% of cases.

    [embedded content]

    If symptoms
    do present, they may appear in as little as 5 days or as much as 3 weeks. The
    spectrum for chlamydia is huge and varying, especially in men who rarely show

    Though there is no blanket “one size fits all” guide to chlamydia and
    its symptoms, there are a few signs and symptoms to look for specifically in
    men, such as:

  • Pus
    and/or watery or milky discharge from the penis
  • Swollen
  • Swelling
    around the anus
  • Pain
    during urination
  • If left untreated, these seemingly
    mild symptoms can develop into a chronic case of chlamydia which may lead to
    urethritis (the swelling and inflammation of the urethra) and even more
    severely, Reiter’s Syndrome. Reiter’s Syndrome is a relatively rare
    complication which expands from common urethritis, also infecting the eyelids,
    joints, and skin. It becomes an auto-immune disorder (a disease which forces
    your own body to turn against you) and currently affects 1-3% of the male
    population infected with chlamydia. Additionally, it is even more prevalent
    among white males, compared to other racial groups.

    Another extreme health risk associated
    with chlamydia is the potential for developing epididymitis and proctitis—the
    swelling of the testicles and anus. Though epididymitis and proctitis only
    occurs in approximately 2% of genital chlamydia infections, the symptoms are
    severe. Epididymis causes swelling of the testicles or scrotum, fever,
    tenderness and redness of the genitals, and the potential to develop a
    subsequent case of urethritis. Diagnosis is typically non-invasive and involves
    ultrasounds and palpitation. In extreme cases, exploratory surgery may be
    necessary to fully identify the problem.

    Proctitis as a result of chlamydia
    affects about 20% of all cases, making it much more prevalent than
    epididymitis. Men who participate in anal sex with an infected partner are much
    more likely to contract proctitis. Symptoms may include severe diarrhea; rectal
    bleeding; inflammation of the anus; cramping and spasms of the bowels; and
    possible discharge or mucus from the anus. Diagnosis is incredibly invasive.
    Doctors will perform a colonoscopy, biopsy, and will take a stool sample.

    Using condom protection during sex is one of
    the best ways to avoid STDs while getting tested for 
    chlamydia and gonorrhea is the best way to know that you are
    free of these diseases. Treatment for chlamydia and its related symptoms range
    from oral antibiotics to hospitalization and intravenous antibiotics such as
    Zithromax or doxycycline. After a week or two, symptoms will be cured and the
    infection cleared up.
    While women are more likely to
    experience long-term effects of chlamydia, treated or untreated, men may also
    experience long-term infertility problems, but only if chlamydia is left
    untreated for more than 6 weeks. If you experience any of the above symptoms,
    please get yourself (and your partner) tested.
    STD testing
    affordable and can go a long way towards protecting you and your partner.

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  • What are symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Diseases? (STD)Posted by Van:
    If you have any of these symptoms, talk with your doctor about the causes. You may have an STD, such as gonorrhea, chlamydia (The Clap), herpes, trichomoniasis, candidiasis (Yeast Infection), HPV (Genital Warts), Syphilis, HIV or AIDS.
  • Blog: 6 STds most common for men

    Did you know that men with Chlamydia might not have any symptoms?
    Chlamydia Bacteria Pictures.
  • Blog:
    Does Chlamydia STI Show Infection Symptoms?

    Whilst Chlamydia is not a life threatening infection it can certainly turn nasty if left untreated.

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    Can relationships be mended after cheating?

    Men or Women Cheat?

    When men cheat it is typically about sex. When women cheat it is more likely a trade off-sex in exchange for attention, emotional support and regaining the feeling of being special.

    This is not to imply that it’s ALL about sex for men, or that it has nothing to do with sex for women, only that the drivers are usually different for men and women and that sex is more likely for men and emotional factors more likely for women.

    Are men just wired to want multiple sexual partners? Does cheating mean there’s a problem with the marriage/relationship? 

    Erectile dysfunction impotency treatments

     Intimacy/Attachment Issues

    While the evidence is suggestive, it has been my experience dealing with the issue of infidelity for three decades that some people (mostly men) are predisposed to be varietists. They seem to have a harder time than other men staying with the same woman. Is it that they simply have intimacy/attachment issues? It may be, but from a clinical perspective it seems to me that some men may have a “naturally” harder time being with one partner.

    The Rationale

    How To Get Him Back
    Get him back book

    Cheating occurs for many reasons consequently, it is difficult to make a blanket statement about infidelity. For example, infidelity may be driven by a need for an ego boost or a distraction to avoid personal issues or sexual curiosity; these are really intrapersonal issues, and are not necessarily interpersonally driven-although there are serious interpersonal consequences if an affair is discovered-and subtle effects even if not discovered.


    Infidelity also may be motivated by hostility toward a partner, to dilute the intensity of intimacy, or to palliate a loss. (Loss comes in many forms-like the last child going off to college, the loss of youth, of career opportunity and the like.) Many of these factors are likely a direct result of relationship issues. I believe a relationship is the place that should be emotionally safe, a place where everything can be talked out-so stepping outside one’s marriage, for whatever reason, is a failure of the relationship.

    Breaches Of Trust

    How To Get Her Back
    Get him back book

    What’s more, while sex always makes the headlines, cheating occurs in many forms that fall below the radar. Sexual infidelity is the headline grabber when most people think about betrayals in love relationships. Smaller and less dramatic everyday breaches of trust that slide under the radar can erode even the strongest of relationships over time.

     Foundation Of A Relationship

    A small lie about a purchase, a slight exaggeration about a job promotion, a cover-up about a forgotten birthday-each takes a bite out of trust and is a form of cheating. Most of us are disappointed by a love partner as a result of an everyday event far more often than we are made angry or jealous by a serious and dramatic betrayal. These issues become like psychological termites taking small bites from the foundation of a relationship until, after some years, the foundation crumbles.

    By: Joel Block, Ph.D.

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  • “Can’t Believe My Husband Would Actually Cheat On Me”
    There are still a host of problems, though. For one, he’s not as interested in… physical intimacy, as he was before.
  • She cheated while I was on a flight home
    I was away on military assignment. I had received the news from my brother, shortly after we had an intimate night after four months of separation.
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    Keys To Making Your Relationship Go The Distance

    Is Communication The Only Factor in a Lasting Relationship?

    communication couple
    In the face of an ever rising divorce rate, learning the keys to making your relationship go the distance gives you that extra leg up on beating the odds.

    However, if you have been abiding by the old “communication is key” adage, you may be missing out on a few other points that could strengthen your relationship.

    Of course communication is very important for conflict resolution not just in your relationship with your partner but in the workplace, in friendships and nearly any other area of your life where interaction with others occurs. 
    But what about those couples who seem to communicate well and still can’t seem to last?

    Legal licensed to prescribe erectile dysfunction impotency treatments pharmacy

    An Internet-based study recently set out to find where each of the seven skills believed to hold a relationship together rank in order of importance.

    7 Relationship Skills

    As reported in the past, the 7 relationship skills are believed to be as follows (not in order of importance):
    1. Communication
    2. Conflict Resolution
    3. Sex/Romance
    4. Stress Management
    5. Life Skills
    6. Knowledge of Partner
    7. Self Management


    Study participants were asked how competent they were in each of these seven categories. The couples who reported communication, had the most satisfaction on average in their relationships which is in line with what most of us already know.
    The next area however may provide some insight for many couples. Only 2 of the remaining categories showed an influence on happiness – knowledge of partner and life skills.

    Getting To Know The One You Love 

    Getting to know more about the one you love is not only enjoyable but also helps boost overall contentment and happiness in a relationship. This can mean learning the important things or even simply learning what your partner likes in his/her coffee. It doesn’t seem to matter how significant what you learn is, it’s the skill of really knowing your partner that makes a difference.

    Know Partner Life Skills 

    As far as life skills are concerned, this area is likely associated with happiness since having the ability to cope with what life throws your way makes things much smoother. Having a handle on finances for example makes fighting over money less likely.
    For more information on the study, see the article on
    By Emily Murray – At Kwikmed Health News

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  • Boyfriend Not Interested To Make Love! Can’t Live Without IT …
    I don’t know what is wrong with him, he has no sexual interest to make love to me. He was under some stress a few months ago. but things …
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    Boosting Testosterone Moves

    All You Have To Do Is Move! 

    Boost testosterone solutions width=It’s actually very simple; if you want a trim, fit, healthy body that will be yours forever, you have to move, and you have to move often.

    Here is a simple question I ask everyone who tells me that they feel run down, unhealthy and depressed.

    “How many times a week do you elevate your heart rate to 70% of it’s maximum for 10 minutes or more?” Guess what the answer is almost 100% of the time? “Never”

    You must add movement habits to your life if you want to be fit, trim, healthy and boost your testosterone.

    Sexual Performance Treatments

    Fitness Lifestyle

    If you live a sedentary lifestyle your health will suffer, that is a guarantee. If you want to feel and look good
    you have to move and you have to move often.

    Bill Hebson is a friend co-author and personal-fitness trainer that I have known  for many years. I spoke to him recently regarding the importance of adding movement to your lifestyle and here is what he said:
    “Real-life activities happen standing. We are rarely if ever asked to apply force in a sitting position or laying down. We live in a dynamic, free weight, three dimensional environment.

    Your fitness training should stress whole-body multi-dimensional movements, so each exercise trains the most musculature, burns the most calories, elevates the whole body’s metabolism, and has the highest
    transference into real world or athletic abilities. In short, you get the biggest bang for your buck.”

    What Bill is saying is that you have to incorporate multidimensional movements into your daily life if you want a trim and fit body. Positive movement habits will provide you with an increase in your activity levels and multidimensional movements automatically.

    Positive Habits

    Men’s Fitness Health Video

    * Walk more everyday
    * Buy a pedometer and track how many steps you take each day.
    * Do exercises like jumping jacks, rope jumping and running in
      place while watching TV.
    * Go to your library or bookstore and get books on exercise.
    * Become a fitness maniac….read about it, do it,
      make it a daily part of your life….you will be rewarded.

    How important is movement?

    Being overweight and physically inactive accounts for more than 300,000 premature deaths annually in the United States, second only to deaths related to smoking.

    A study done at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas found that a 50-year-old could be brought back to the fitness levels of a 20-year-old with just 6 months of
    exercise training!

    What can active Movement do for me?

    Does that sound good to you? They can also improve your health, make you look younger, and can increase your longevity.

    Let’s see, active positive movement habits can help me live longer and while I am living longer I will have a trim and fit body and look younger……not a bad combination, wouldn’t you say?

    To make daily active movement a part of your lifestyle, you simply have to acquire positive movement habits. Once you have acquired them, they will be yours forever and so will the benefits that come with them. They will help you to achieve the trim and fit body you have been wanting and help you to maintain it.

    By Dr. James Pendleton

    Click To Call Consultant Now: 877-635-0826

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    I’m 59 years, wasn’t having sex very often and I have been experiencing low testosterone symptoms….
    After the testing, my urologist doctor said the symptoms maybe all about Andropause (also called “male menopause” is a normal part of aging)…..
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    I have weak erections, premature ejaculation, loss of libido and male sexual dysfunction . It is low Testosterone problem?
  • Please advise food menus, exercise to boost testosterone for making love!
    Make sure your healthy fitness diet includes basic vegetables, fruit and fish. Don’t take second helpings, no fatty and sugary foods, low in salt, and no alcohol.
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    You’re low on energy for similar reasons: heart disease, diabetes, obesity and other ailments that afflict men. Studies suggest that low testosterone is a symptom of these more urgent health conditions.
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    It’s Not Just Your Bat; It’s The Amount Of Testosterone Behind It That Makes A Difference!
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    What can enhance guys sex appeal?

    How to Boost Your Sex Appeal

    Of all the ridiculous, vague and useless advice you find online about how to boost your sex appeal, my favorite suggestion on how to be attractive to girls is “Be confident.”

    Seriously. Be confident. Ok, and that’s gonna get you a girl, how?

    What if you’re fat, bald, hairy, ungroomed and have an outdated wardrobe? Is being confident your best shot at scoring phone digits from a curvy brunette hottie in a crowded bar with a hundred testosterone-charged guys all vying for her attention?

    Erectile dysfunction impotency treatments

    Be Yourself Advice

    Then there’s “Be yourself”, another gem piece of advice from some genius, propagated by love gurus everywhere thinking that this equally vague and useless generic term is magically going to transform you into her dream guy and help you get the girl you really want. Just as vague and just as stupid.

    Don’t get me wrong, confidence and self-identity are very important to a guy’s self-worth. It’s just that when online Romeos and well-wishers offer this advice as your best tools to land your dream girl they’re completely stupid. You have to know what you can be confident about before you can flaunt you confidence with a beautiful girl. You have to understand your strengths and what you have going for you before “being yourself”  will magically boost your sex appeal!!

    Some Effective and Realistic Boosting Steps

    So instead of offering ridiculous, generic and redundant advice on how to get your dream girl, as so many articles do, let’s review some effective and realistic steps you can do to boost your sex appeal. That means you can do it, whether you’re six foot three or three feet tall, traditionally handsome or not so much. Want to boost your sex appeal? Try these steps.

    Healthy Eating

    First of all, eat right. Healthy eating benefits not only your health but you physical appearance as well. Repeated studies have shown that women are drawn to guys with a classic V-shaped torso, in which the shoulders are wider than the waist. You’re attracted to women with noticeable breasts and a small waist right? Women are visual in this sense as well.

     The V-Shaped torso is much easier to achieve when you’re eating a diet rich in proteins and healthy fats and fewer carbohydrates, which tend to pack on the pounds. Examples of proteins and healthy fats include fish, chicken breast, lean cuts of meat, dairy, almonds and whole wheat. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and go easy on the sugar and processed foods.

    Fitness Exercise

    Then get yourself to the gym for exercise and bodybuilding! Think of muscles on a guy like breasts on a woman. Breasts signify female fertility. Muscles have the same effect on women. Working the shoulders, chest and lats all enhance the V-Shape effect proven to attract women. Biceps and washboard abs are also nice-to-haves for making the ladies salivate a little. Biceps aren’t hard to develop, abs less so, but not impossible if you’re eating healthy and cutting down on your unhealthy fats and sugars. Try a online personal trainer for consultation.

    Body hair

    Less is better! While some cultures embrace a little hairiness and guys like George Clooney make it cool to have a shaggy chest, the truth is, you can’t go wrong with a bronzed, hair-free, muscular body. In fact, this combination alone will boost your sex appeal! If you have a hairy back, shave it or make it less hairy, the same with excessively hairy arms and neck. And if you’ve got a hairy rear, ask yourself if you’d be attracted to a woman with a hairy ass.

    Groom yourself

    This much is true, women are attracted to good hygiene and notice subtle details like protruding ear and noise hairs. Be clean, use antiperspirant, shampoo and comb your hair. Use a moisturizer for your body after you bathe to protect your skin and a facial moisturizer to make your skin glow and protect it from the elements. Keep in mind that while many women say they like bad boys, NO women in history has ever said she likes a dirty, smelly guy!

    Clothes That Fit

    You’re gonna feel better about yourself with clothes that fit and compliment your body. Having said this, a muscle t-shirt might arouse some women but it will certainly not work with others. Your best advice about clothes? Ask a woman to put an outfit together for you! If it works for her, chances are good it’ll work for other women as well. A little female intuition goes a long way when dressing to impress the ladies.

    Sex Appeal Swagger 

    Finally, you can really enhance your sex appeal with some good pheromones. You’ve probably heard of pheromones before. They’re chemical secretions that organisms give off to signify their bio-chemical presence. A pheromones scent cologne has perfected pheromones for sex appeal with a powerful blend of chemical compounds that are proven to tap the female biological desire to mate.

    That’s the kind of advantage that scores a phone number, regardless of looks, height or age!

    With these lifestyle changes you can boost your sex appeal and smooth moves. You’ll also find that you can “be confident” and “be yourself” with a little swagger.

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    When you know you have the male swagger to impress any woman you decide to be with, it will become a matter of choosing the partner that fits your needs instead of hoping you can please someone with low expectations.
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